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CAUTION: Extensive efforts have been made to assure the quality of information contained in this report. It is impossible, however, to achieve complete accuracy and consistency of the reported data. In addition, the reported data do not include all relevant information generally necessary to explain apparent differences in performance (e.g., information related to work rules, topography, climate, and unusual events such as strikes and service start-ups). Users of this report, therefore, should be careful not to draw unwarranted conclusions based solely on the data contained herein.

Historical Data Files

To understand and use these files please read the Read Me File (pdf)

TS1 - Operating and Capital Funding
TS2 - Operating Expenses, Service Supplied and Consumed
TS3 - Uses of Capital Funds
TS4 - Assets

Rural Data

2014 - Rural NTD Data

Prior Years - Rural NTD Data

Annual Databases

Monthly Database

The two files located in this section will be replaced with updated Monthly data on or about the 4th of each month.

Safety & Security Data

The two files located in this section will be replaced with updated Safety & Security data on or about the 4th of each month.

Annual Transit Profiles

To search for profiles you may enter the agency's NTD ID, Agency Name, City, State, etc. For example, if you would like to find profiles for all reporting agencies in the State of California, enter California. The system will return all profiles with either the word California or the abbreviation CA in their names or addresses.

If you do not know the information for a particular agency, all agencies reporting to the NTD for the last 2 RYs and their associated profiles are also available form Transit Agency Listing by Region and Other External Links page.

Individual Profiles for All Transit Agencies in Urbanized Areas Over and Under 200,000 Population

Profiles for the Top 50 Reporting Agencies

Annual National Transit Summary and Trends (NTST)

2014 NTST Storylines (pdf)
2014 NTST Appendix (pdf)
2013 NTST Storylines (pdf)
2013 NTST Appendix (pdf)
NTST for RY 2012 (pdf)
NTST for RY 2011 (pdf)
NTST for RY 2010 (pdf)
NTST for RY 2009 (pdf)
NTST for RY 2001 (pdf)
NTST for RY 2000 (pdf)
NTST for RY 1999 (pdf)
NTST for RY 1998 (pdf)

Other Analyses

2010 NTD Data - Presentation Handouts (.pptx)

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Last updated: 1/14/2014

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