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Transit Agency Listing - By Region

Please contact the NTD Helpdesk at 888-252-0936 or to obtain a copy of your NTD Transit profile.

Transit Agency Search

To search for profiles you may enter the agency's NTD ID, Agency Name, City, State, etc. For example, if you would like to find profiles for all reporting agencies in the State of California, enter California. The system will return all profiles with either the word California or the abbreviation CA in their names or addresses.

Individual Profiles for All Transit Agencies in Urbanized Areas Over and Under 200,000 Population

2012 Introduction, Summary profiles and Appendicies for all agencies (pdf)

2012 Complete profile set of Full Reporter Agencies

2012 Complete profile set of Small Systems Waiver (SSW) agencies

Profile Archives

Profiles for the Top 50 Reporting Agencies

2012 Introduction, Summary profiles and Appendicies for Top 50 agencies (pdf)

2012 Complete profile set of Top 50

Top 50 Profiles Archives






Last Updated: 05/15/2013

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